Another huge update for both the extension and the module.
There are many adjustments and a small selection of important new features.


Min Group
The minimum group size setting has been adjusted to support the browser Safari.

The client’s country now displays in the booking preview and the email notifications.

Blocked Dates
Further adjustments have been made to this feature to make it more stable.

Blocked Dates Filter
The dates can now be filtered by their state (Published, Unpublished, ect.).

Fixed an error when using https.

Public Times, Extras and Forms order can now be adjusted from the admin.

Removed unused status filter from the times.

Extras Totals
Added a email notification snippet for the extras total, removing the hard coded method.

New Extras and Forms now fully save on first attempt.

The public price does not display until group size selection is made.

Admin Forms Title
The title for the forms section now won’t display if there are no forms saved to the particular booking.

Admin Max Group
A service can no longer be saved with a Max Group Size higher than the Service Capacity.

Mixed Bookings
On busy websites bookings made at the same time can no longer be mixed up.

If the extensions setting ‘Services as Options’ is selected it is now supported in the module.

Admin Labels
A full review of all labels and tooltips has been carried out with many tools tips being adjusted to provide a clearer explanations.

Admin Styles
A full review of the Admin styles has been completed with many new styles added to provide a sharper look and a cleaner layout at all screen widths.

New Features

Group Size
The public group size selection has been changed from drop down lists to a button system.
This should provide a more user friend way to select the group size and a more robust method with less scope for miscalculations.

Late Payment
If a customer fails to pay for the booking within the time limit (Cancel Pending Booking setting), but then makes a late payment it will be automatically refunded. The booking will be cancelled and marked as ‘Refunded Late’ beside the Transaction ID. This is to prevent double bookings.

Automated Updated

We have added support of automated updates. If a new update is available, it will now show in the Joomla extension updates system. If you add an active Download ID to the configuration setting it will update when you approve it. We always recommend you backup your entire website before making any update.


The booking system has been under development for many years. We have kept a log of the changes to show how things have advanced.


Our small international team meet online to design and develop the extension. We use ‘Trello’ to keep organised and meet our goals.


The extension is simple and intuitive to use, but we also have documentation and a video series to show you exactly how things work.